Behind the Scenes

How Does Zesty Work?

Found out what makes Zesty Unique!

Our aim at Zesty is to empower companies to be healthier and more productive. We specialize in providing corporate clients with customized meal programs by collaborating with the best local restaurants to curate office meals optimized for a variety of health needs and taste preferences. We provide thoughtful service and hospitality that fosters camaraderie and collaboration within teams.

We put in an extensive amount of care and effort behind the scenes to make Zesty the best corporate catering experience in the Bay Area. Some of the things that make Zesty unique include:


First and foremost, food should be delicious! We strive to find balance for a variety of taste preferences and serve flavorful, exciting meals. We work with award-winning chefs to serve office food from top local restaurants.


No one wants to eat the same thing every day. Whatever you’re craving – we have it! We keep office meals exciting by serving a variety of cuisines and dishes from our restaurant partners ranging from classic American to Ethiopian. Other favorites include DIY Korean bowls, taco bars, Burmese food and on-site crepe bars.


Our expert team of Registered Dietitians and Culinary Partnership Managers work hard to ensure we are serving high quality foods from the best restaurants. We regularly monitor restaurant health scores and customer feedback, and adapt meals accordingly. Our dietitians review current scientific research to make recommendations on health standards. We thoroughly review all recipes with chefs to ensure we are serving high quality, real foods that are nutrient-dense with minimally processed ingredients.

  • For example, Executive Chef August Schuchman of Woodhouse Fish Co. worked with a Zesty dietitian to source alternative ketchup and relish offerings that are organic and free of high fructose corn syrup.  


We want you to know what you are eating. You will see all ingredients, major allergens and nutrition facts for your meals. When needed, Zesty can provide dishes/meals that are free of the FDA’s most common eight food allergens. For dietary restrictions outside of these, our dietitians will work with you to evaluate how best to create a meal program for your team. We also provide complete meals for those with vegetarian, vegan and pescatarian eating preferences.

  • For example, owner Eduardo Castillo of Limon Rotisserie worked with us to create a fan-favorite vegetable paella dish exclusively for Zesty.


Our Catering Captains provide friendly and informed service with the timeliness, set-up and enjoyment of your meals. Food is more than just flavor; we also focus on an aesthetically appealing office lunch layout and top-notch hospitality.


We build community at all levels by collaborating with chefs, supporting local businesses and engaging catering captains throughout our community to serve our clients. We foster an environment that supports taking a break and enjoying a meal together. There are numerous benefits to family-style meals, which you can read more about here.


Our mission to improve the health of humanity is an ambitious one, and we are committed to it. Through advances in technology we can revolutionize the food industry by increasing people’s awareness of food and influencing the availability of good-for-you ingredients in the supply chain.

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Sonja Goedkoop

Head of Food Programs