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How to Stay Fit at Work

Five of our favorite ways to stay active at work.

Stop! Before you read this post, go for a quick walk and meet me back here in five minutes.

Welcome back! I’m sure you feel a little better now that you’ve moved around a bit to get some fresh air and keep your creative juices flowing. Our bodies are designed for regular movement. Increased activity has been shown to prevent major diseases and may even help you live longer.

Here at Zesty, one of our core values is “health over all.” Zesty’s mission is to improve the health of humanity. We do this by catering healthy corporate meals that are comprised of high quality, balanced, and flavorful ingredients. This includes office breakfast, office lunch, and office dinner. We take our own health seriously, too. So seriously, in fact, that we make it a point to incorporate various forms of physical activity into our work days.

Here are five of our favorite ways to stay active at work:

1. Standing Desks

We hear it all the time. Sitting is the new smoking. Numerous studies have suggested that prolonged sitting can be associated with the development of several long-term illnesses, such as obesity, cancer, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes. And sadly, this is regardless of time spent doing physical activity outside of work. If we have it wired in our brains, then why are we still sitting? Standing desks could be the answer! Standing at work helps you burn more calories and can help reduce back and neck pain. A recent study finds that standing desks may also boost productivity for some employees by almost 50%. Aim to stand for at least 2 hours total everyday!

2. Workday WODs

We have an internal messaging app – Slack – that we use at Zesty to communicate amongst our teams. We’ve created a channel on Slack called #fitness that is dedicated to sharing fitness-related happenings and motivate each other to stay active. We have engineered Slack to remind anyone in the fitness channel to do a short workout every other hour on the hour. Each team is responsible for coming up with short workouts of the day (WODs) that we all stop and perform a few time per day. Oh look, it’s 2:00 – drop and give me 20!

3. Step Challenges

Here at Zesty, many of us have fitness trackers that we use to track our steps, sleep, and total activity throughout the day. It’s nice having all that data at our fingertips, but it’s so much more motivating to get moving when you have a little friendly competition!

4. Walking Meetings

Some days seem to be stacked with back to back meetings, but who wants to be cooped up in a conference room all day? Walking – while talking – can help clear your head and lead to a more productive meeting. You can find Zesty team members talking laps around the park nearest our office on any given weekday. Some of our best ideas and company plans come out of walking meetings!

5. Social Sports Leagues

Do you know a coworker who grew up playing the same sport as you? Set up a company team for an intramural sports league! Almost every major city has a handful of social sports leagues for young professionals. Our Zesty soccer and kickball teams have proven to be a great way for colleagues to socialize outside of work and get that heart rate up!

Do you work a desk job? If so, how do you stay active during the day?

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Heather Pavlik

Senior Dietitian