Spring has Sprung!

Our Favorite Seasonal Produce

Spring Has Sprung! Our Favorite Seasonal Produce

Springtime is upon us and with a new season, comes a new crop of seasonal produce. Asparagus, oranges, kale, mango and green peas are just a few of the fruits and vegetables that are in season during March, April and May, according to Zesty actively works with our restaurant partners to spice up our menus with dishes featuring seasonal produce. The “Cleanse Salad” from Market and Rye, for example, features seasonal vegetables such as kale, spinach, radishes and red leaf lettuce.

Cleanse Salad from Market & Rye

Another example of a fresh, seasonal dish available through Zesty’s office catering  is the “Seasonal Local Vegetable Medley” from Trop Bon featuring asparagus, snap peas and purple cauliflower.

Why eat seasonally? Not only is seasonal produce tastier when in season,  it’s also fresher and more nutritious compared to when those fruits and vegetables are harvested out of season. In California, we have the luxury of eating strawberries year round, however when we eat those same strawberries in the summer (when they’re in season!) they will taste much juicer and are richer in nutrients compared to when we eat them in the winter. Eating seasonally also helps benefit the environment. Shopping at the farmer’s market, for example, is one way to support local farmers and shop for seasonal produce.

Spring Garden Salad from Chicory

Keep your eye out for seasonal dishes from some of our favorite Zesty restaurant partners, such as Market and Rye and Trop Bon, at your next catered lunch or dinner and check out your local farmer’s market this Spring to see what’s in season!

Snow Pea & Asparagus Poriyal from DOSA

Kelsey Gonzalez

Registered Dietitian