Summer Salads Our Dietitians are Digging

Herewe share a few of our favorite summer salads and why we love them!

Longer days, warmer weather (mixed in with the fog) and a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables are just a few great things about summer here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Although it might not always feel like summer (thanks to the fog!), you’re sure to see an abundance of seasonal produce at your local farmers markets and as part of Zesty’s lunch catering program. Some of our restaurant partners even feature special seasonal summer menu items such as watermelon salad for this time of year. Here are a few of our favorite summer salads and why we love them:

Alex: Vive la Tarte’s DIY Chicken or Smashed Avocado Salads // They do an incredibly beautiful spread of well-sourced and flavorful ingredients. The addition of homemade sourdough bread makes for the ultimate crowd-pleaser at any office lunch.

Heather: Pizzeria Delfina’s Little Gem Salad // I’m digging Delfina’s little gem lettuce salad lately. I love how bright it is with the radishes, avocado, pistachios, and green goddess dressing. It’s the perfect compliment to their indulgent Sunday Super Lasagna. And finally, a green goddess dressing without cilantro! My soapy taste buds are oh so happy.

Sonja: Fleur de Sel’s Heirloom Tomato Salad // This salad is made with flavorful arugula and incorporates seasonal, juicy heirloom tomatoes and fresh corn. The homemade lemon parsley dressing adds a nice zesty addition to this simple but refreshing salad.

Kelsey: Uva Enoteca’s Chopped Salad // It’s fresh, colorful and can be a light office meal on a hot day. The chickpeas mixed into the assorted vegetables make this salad a bit more filling than your typical mixed green salad and I love the option to add provolone cheese on top!


Look for seasonal produce to spruce up your plate this summer and give your traditional office lunch a colorful kick! Seasonal produce tends to be richer in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, not to mention more affordable. Eating seasonally also helps support local farmers. Here are a few fruits and vegetables that are in season from June – August:

How are you adding more seasonal produce onto your plate this summer?

Kelsey Gonzalez

Registered Dietitian