Zesty Servings Sizes with Zesty Hands!

We’ve put together the following guide to facilitate the interpretation of some of the most common Zesty dish cards.

As a health-focused San Francisco catering company, one of Zesty’s primary goals is to give our clients tools to make educated decisions for their individual wellness. While doling out office lunches, we do our best to provide the ingredients, allergens, and general nutrition facts for every dish we serve. Our team of dietitians is devoted to gathering and analyzing recipe information from our incredible restaurant partners, with the hope of enhancing meal programs.

Much to our dismay, we’ve learned that the serving sizes* we use to base calorie and nutrient data can be difficult to interpret and individualize. (Though, it should come as no surprise that our clients jump in line for office food without their measuring cups and scales.) Thus, we’ve put together the following guide to facilitate the interpretation of some of the most common Zesty dish cards.

*A very important note: We understand that our clients come in all shapes and sizes with varying activity levels, metabolisms, and health requirements. Zesty’s serving sizes are simply a measurement to base nutrition facts; they are not a judgement or recommendation for intake. It is perfectly reasonable for a person to eat more or less of a dish than outlined by the “serving size”. Further, the following guide should be used only as an approximation for nutrition information, as hand sizes differ, and the Zesty hands below may be bigger or smaller than average.


1 cup salad, tbsp dressing, 1 tbsp nuts


To accommodate our clients with food allergies, we at Zesty have become masters of salad deconstruction. Unfortunately, this leads to a complicated arithmetic equation for diligent macro trackers. To assist, here is Eliza, one of our Account Executives, with her salad components:

1 cup is approximately the size of a fist, (but where non-starchy vegetables are concerned, more are better):

1 tablespoon (tbsp) is approximately the size of the upper portion of the thumb:

We admit that a tablespoon can be a bit awkward as a measurement for nuts, if they come in whole pieces. In that context, six to seven nuts is a decent proxy.


4 oz

Estimating the portion size of meats, when conveyed by weight measurement, is a challenging task, indeed. Luckily, Roxy, Account Associate, is here to help us out. A palm is roughly the size of three to four ounces of meat. Roxy’s dainty palms are closer to three ounces.


½ cup

The Zesty office is notorious for its overflowing compost bins of bread on sandwich days. Don’t be like us. Practice carb moderation as illustrated by Tim, our Senior Operations Support Coordinator.

½ cup is about half the size of a fist:


¼ cup

In catering thousands of office lunches, we have learned a simple fact: there is no such thing as too much guac. Gregory, one of our Software Engineers, is here to demonstrate the typical Zesty serving size for toppings. (Actual advice: disregard serving information, but be first in line on taco day.)

¼ cup will fit roughly into a cupped palm:

We hope these pictures have been helpful. Thank you to our fabulous Zesty models for lending us a hand!

Alexander Rothwell

Senior Dietitian